C.H.U.B.’s Grill: Cool, Honest, Unpretentious, Bornean’s Grill
The CHUB’s grill is a neighbourhood style restaurant with a unique American flair. We pride ourselves by serving quality food in a casual and fun atmosphere.

CHUB’s grill believes that barbecue is best enjoyed using fingers. Set the fine linen, fork and knife aside. Forget what your mother taught you. “Don’t play with your food” doesn’t apply when you’re eating barbecue. If you don’t get it on your shirt you’re not doing it right.

Our menu is simple enough; starring our signature Flame Grilled Pork Ribs, Lamb Shoulder, Beef Short Ribs, Pork Belly and Chicken Thigh, all marinated in our special sauces and grilled to perfection. Truly LOVE on FIRST BITE!

At the CHUB’s grill, every day is party day as nothing says “party” better than barbecue. Now, whether you spell it as BBQ, barbecue, or barbeque, you are up for a happy and fun filled meal with your loved ones here. So, who needs comfort food when you can have happy food?


2 thoughts on “About

  1. may i knw more bout d chub’s grill background? cos i hav been askin 4 do an assignment whereby a restaurant in kk. N nw i am choosing ur restaurant as my assignment’s restaurant. I’m from Inti college sabah n my name is adriana. So would u mind 2 giv me more information bout ur restaurant? I am vry appreciated if u’r cooperate wit me. =)

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